Our Technology in Detail

AIP – “An amalgamation of disruptive innovation and cutting-edge technology. An Artificial Intelligence Platform that provides human-like expert care to websites.”

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We provide a solution that updates and maintains WordPress websites without the need to change hosting. AIP is also bandwidth friendly keeping costs low – always.

AIP in more Detail:

AIP services any WordPress website with any purpose, whether it is blogging, e-commerce, or streaming, AIP has got you covered!

AIP is a lightweight plugin that performs a mammoth number of tasks.

Always ready
AIP pays undivided attention to your website, it is always analysing changes in your website’s collection of plugins and issues updates safely and securely.

Always Secure
AIP only cares about one thing, updating and killing bugs. AIP uses a complex mix of authentication systems to ensure that your website is not breached while being updated.

AI and RPA empowered platform
AIP’s technology mimics the intuitive and intelligent practices human developers would use to detect errors and solve them accordingly. AIP is also reinforced with a Robotic Process Automation system to ensure that at no time any developer needs to intervene.


What takes a developer hours and days to solve,
AIP can solve in minutes. With each passing day, our platform is actively learning to mitigate future problems.

Let’s get technical:

AIP leverages a stack of the latest emerging technology that provides a scalable solution for our customers.

We are always on trend and driving innovative technology that empowers our solution.

Programming Language

PHP, python, java.

Development Tools

git, MySQL, azure data studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio

Server Administration

NGiNx, Kubernetes, Docker, Linode

How AI empowers our solution.

Our AI model can be likened to Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. Our powerful technology model identifies the errors that appear on a website whenever new changes or updates occur. It actively seeks any mistakes that could have crept into the website, that run the risk of breaking it or potential leads to data breaches. Our cognitive model works in harmony with recent advancements in the field of Natural Language Processing.

How we are harnessing the power of RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is the industrial revolution of this century, RPA is AIP’s robotic body. AIP’s brain combined with RPA ensures that our platform is robust and can rapidly scale to meet the demand of over 50,000 plugins on the WordPress marketplace.